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The Preuss Foundation Conferences and Seminars bring together research scientists from the United States and abroad. They concentrate on one specific area of medical research. Specialists are selected and brought together to discuss their methods, results, and future directions. These invitation only conferences and seminars have led to the formation of numerous new collaborations and information sharing among the participants.

1986 Oct 16-18   

1987 Jun 10         

1987 Sep 30        

1988 Feb 7           

1988 Feb 20   


1988 Mar 9-12     

1988 Sep 19         

1988 Nov 9       

1989 Feb 2-3      

1989 Apr 1-2 


1989 Nov 4-5     

1990 Feb 21-22

1990 Dec 5-6

1990 Dec 7-8

1991 Apr 16-17


1992 Feb 20-21

1992 Mar 12-13

1992 Dec 2-4

1994 Apr 14-16

1994 Sep 28-30


1994 Nov 5-7

1995 Sep 21-23

1996 Jan 17-19

1996 Nov 20-22

1997 Mar 5-7


1998 Feb 6-8

1998 Feb 25-27

1999 Jul 24-27

2000 Mar 8-10

2001 Dec 2-4


2002 Sep 28

2003 Oct 1-3

2005 Jul 17

2005 Nov 7-9

2007 Nov 7-9


2011 Mar 9-11

2013 Feb 21-22

2015 Nov 11-13

2019 Feb 27 - Mar 1

First Annual Conference on Brain Tumor Research

Interleukin-2/LAK Cell Treatment of Brain Tumors Seminar I

Genetics of Glioma Brain Tumors

Monoclonal Antibody Research on Brain Tumors Seminar I

Bio Mathematics Seminar


Second Annual Conference on Brain Tumor Research

Interleukin-2/LAK Cell Treatment of Brain Tumors Seminar II

Pediatric Glioma Seminar I

Pediatric Glioma Seminar II

Monoclonal Antibodies Seminar II


Role of the Blood-Brain Barrier in the Therapy of Brain Tumors

Third Preuss Foundation Conference on Brain Tumor Research

Molecular Biology of Glial Tumors

Pathologic Classification of Glial Neoplasms

Pharmacologic Problems in the Treatment of Glial Tumors


Tumor Invasion of the Brain

Delivery of the Treatment to Brain Tumors

Molecular Approaches to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Tumors

Tumor Markers for Glial Tumors

Stereotactic Radiation Treatment of Brain Tumors


Brain Tumor Invasion

Computational Biology

Gene Therapy

"In Search of New Paradigms" Seminar

Concepts and Strategies for Infant Brain Tumors


Explaining the Origins of Humans

Vaccine Therapy for Malignant Primary Brain Tumors

Pathology and Genetics of Tumors to the Nervous System

Long Term Effects of Treatment for Pediatric Brain Tumors

Signal Transduction in Glioblastoma Tumors


Neuroscience Summit

Relation Immunologic Advances to Brain Tumor Treatment

Combinatorics of Macromolecular Folding

Oncolytic Viral Therapies for Brain Tumors

Stem Cell Biology


Glioma Biology: Recent Advances at the Leading Edge of Discovery

Harnessing the Potential of Next Generation Molecular Diagnostics to Guide Improved Personalized Treatment for Brain Cancer Patients

Changing the Game: Opportunities and Challenges for a New Generation of Primary Brain Tumor Therapeutics

State of the Art Parkinson’s Disease Research

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